Investing in Paid Leave:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is paid leave?

At some point, nearly everyone faces a moment when they need leave, whether it’s to bond with a new baby, care for an aging parent, or recover from an illness. Paid leave – including family leave, parental leave, and medical leave – replaces a portion of an employee’s wages during leave and gives them the peace of mind of being able to still make ends meet while caring for a loved one.

How would paid leave work?

For a few dollars a month, Montana workers could have the peace of mind of being able to make ends meet while caring for themselves and loved ones.

Montana would create a family medical leave insurance program (FMLI). Through shared contributions by employers and employees, representing less than half of one percent of wages, eligible workers – of all income levels – would receive a portion of their wages while on leave.

How does investing in paid leave support working parents in Montana?

Paid leave helps parents remain financially secure while balancing home and work demands.

How does investing in paid leave support caregivers in Montana?

Thousands of Montana families are grappling with how to care for adult family members while also balancing their own work life.

How does investing in paid leave support businesses?

A statewide paid leave program helps businesses attract and retain skilled workers.

Don’t workers already get time off when they’re sick or have children?

Only 13 percent of American workers have access to paid family leave through their employers.

What does paid leave look like in other states?

Four states have enacted statewide paid family and medical leave programs, and dozens of other states are considering similar proposals.

What should Montana consider in its paid leave program?

Montana has the opportunity to learn from other states and consider a program that will provide the greatest amount of assistance to businesses and workers.