Sick Days

Nearly half of all Montana workers do not have access to even one earned sick day. Providing sick leave for all workers creates healthier families, healthier workplaces, and a healthier economy.

Everyone gets sick, but not everyone has the time to get better.

In Montana, around 49% of private sector workers do not have access to paid sick days. So when employees or members of their family experience short-term illness or injury, workers have to make the tough choice between a paycheck and getting better.

Every employee deserves the right to be able to work and earn paid sick days, which they can then use to recover from an illness or care for a family member.

Businesses also benefit when sick employees are not forced back to work too soon. Paid sick days help prevent the spread of disease. In addition to having a healthier workplace, employers are better able to compete with other businesses to attract and retain skilled workers.

Right now, there is no federal or state law that guarantees workers access to earned paid sick days. However, the issue is gaining momentum across the country. Currently, five states and 26 cities have passed earned sick days laws, giving over 10 million workers the right to earn paid sick leave.

Now, it’s time for Montana to join this effort and support paid sick days for all workers.