Angie, Small Business Owner

I have been the business owner of Candy Masterpiece in Great Falls for 17 years. During my tenure, I have done my best to help my employees when and where I can, as life happens to all of us. It is my belief that paid leave is a topic worth considering and has been a need in our fine state for a long time.

Working hard for a living is a Montana tradition that continues daily,  and is a source of great pride for us. Still, life happens. Having a way to soften the hardships is not only common sense, but is the right thing to do. Setting up a fund that is mutually beneficial for the employee and employer will make all our lives easier. A nominal fee per month, shared by both, is a perfect way to create a cushion and peace of mind during difficult times. A fund, that will help pay important bills, keep us afloat, and keep us focusing on moving forward to get through what we need to with out the stress of money hovering. If the funds are managed correctly, this proposition of paid leave will benefit all if us.

I support paid family and medical leave to give our hard-working people a cushion to land on, so they can bounce back and continue working.